Friday, July 24, 2009

We have Bees!!

Last week Daddy went and got our Bees!! We are all so excited!! Can you imagine?! Our own honey!! He bought about 3000 bees and a Queen to start our first hive!!

There are so many of them! Daddy said that in a healthy hive there are usually 30,000!! Wow, our little bees better start reproducing!!LOL! All our equipment My new French hat;)

"Beth, I think these are a bit big!"
Can any one guess which Smithie Kid these eye's belong too?

Daddy dearest, the Bee keeper!!


The Pendletons said...

Hey Beth!
Oh! Y'all will love the honey! When you harvest, eat some on the comb...delicious!
Have fun and be careful!
Love you and hope to see you soon!
P.s I adore your French hat! :)

Kat said...

Are those Madasons big brown eyes peaking out of that bee hat?
I'm glad your hive is doing well.
Love Ya!