Friday, September 30, 2005

Two weekends ago the Morton clan drove up to join us for the 40th anniversary of Chalcedon in north Atlanta. The 3 eldest Morton guy's, my brother, Rodriguez's, and Grubbs had returned that morning from their third trip to New Orleans in "Relief in The Name of Jesus" for more details and pix about their previous trips you can go to my old blog Miss Kressant's Blog. The men arrived early Friday morning whilst we were still asleep. When awoke to fixed them a large breakfast where we then adjourned to the great room for our daily Bible study. The rest of the day for us girls was spent in preparing food and then cleaning it up. The Morton's joined us whilst a few of the men were taking naps.

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The Morton and Smithy girls, plus our Amanda Posted by Picasa

The Deladurantey and Morton girls Posted by Picasa

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Miss Amanda and her adorable sister Posted by Picasa

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The brave muskateeritas as they struggled to keep the various baskets of food from flying pelmell into their laps lol Posted by Picasa

The 'guys' on our way to the Davis' Posted by Picasa

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A trip into 1940

Yesterday evening, our family had the wonderful privilege of attending "The Glen Miller" band! It was an evening filled with excellent music and much excitement! The band was quite original, and not only did we enjoy the authenticity of the music; we watched in great amusement as the band, true to form kept us entertained with added stunts throughout the concert. The music hall was packed and a continuous applause rang throughout the duration of the evenings activities. It would be so lovely to enjoy such great and LIVE entertainment more often! (hint) let's have a music session y'all!

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Lunch outside!

Yesterday the Smith Family had once again the pleasure of eating outside! Nothing can compare to a restful afternoon lunch eaten outside with your family! The sun was out but there was a gentle breeze that teased our hair and napkins.

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Baby yuchi

Yesterday evening as we were preparing for the concert, Yuchi babe helped me out in organizing my kitchen after my one week of absence.

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Choo choo helping me organize the cabinets  Posted by Picasa

Baby Camdin

Oh y'all! The greatest news! Baby Camdin is finally at home with his mommy, Daddy, and two excited brothers! Rachie and I popped in yesterday and he and Miss Annie and doing splendidly! Here are a few pix of a most adorable and blessed baby!

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