Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Bethy and the girls entering upon a new adventure in egg noodle production;) It turned out to be a smashing hit too. Jolly Marvelous y'all!

Charlie getting in on the fun.

Rolling out the dough.

Many hands make the work light.

"Hmm, I know those people."

Miss Niecie, having apparently been drafted for the laundry work effort, lol. What a sweetie!

Ah yes, there are always benefits for hanging around the kitchen, as these two young hams seem to have discovered, lol.

"The Machine!"

The first victim of the experiment.

At long last, the machine begins it's grueling task...

The crew.


Ahh, sweet success, lol!

The diligent overseers of the operation.

Master Nicholas listening to the men's discussions.

We were delighted by a visit from Mrs. Ann with her three boys!
~Y'all look at Bret's cute little expression. Ohh he's so sweet!!

Gavin, ready to head off on a caving expedition, and little Camdin.

He has grown so much since his premature birth, Praise the Lord!! Isn't he just as precious as could be?!

In which little bit plays his first role on camera, namely to sleep, look cute, and yawn at intervals, all of which he is extremely good at, lol!

The support team awaiting orders;)

Abuelita enjoying her grandson!

Oh well, who says you have to be awake to capture the attention of a whole household?

Cutie in a box, lol!
The children brought me this box and asked me to open it, and out popped Andrea to my great amusement. It was so adorable I had to snap a pix of 'im:)

After the filming was done away with, the three couples went out for dinner, taking the much adored nephew away with them.
Ohhh, aren't they sweet y'all?!

Meanwhile, we kiddies had a jolly time over a "breakfast~supper" of pancakes and the noodles Beth and the children had made. And then a most intriguing puzzle book that Beth had discovered was pulled out, and poured through!

Aha! There's one y'all!

"...a mermaid? A trident? Oh shall we ever know..."

The adults and little cutsie, descending upon the house as they return from their jolly outing.

Mumsie dahling sewing late into the evening.

A rather odd use of the mens filming equipment;)

A delightfully happy father!

Let the games begin!

And she makes her move...

The game having come to an end, a chorus sprung up for the delights of one of our favorite movies:)

Sweet brother and sister.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Good evening y'all,
Well, well, I must apologize for our great neglect of the blog over the past week or so! It would appear that the appliances in our household have joined forces against us and gone on strike, lol! The computer most commonly used (by us girls that is), has become sluggish and irritable, (or perhaps irritating would be a better word for it, lol.) The camera has also not been working properly, and the last set of pix I took were somehow deleted off the card. Sorry! To top it all off, our blogging program (bloggerbot) seems to have "heaved it's last breath and died", so although I have switched our slow blogging program over to the new "google thingamajobber" under Daddy's instructions, even that is not working properly. Well anyways I'm sure you get the point;) LOL!

The Lord is good, and life goes on, quite pleasantly!
We enjoyed many jolly visits this week with friends and family, all of course anxious for a peek at the new little bundle of sweetness:)
Speaking of which, Katie and Bret are doing just wonderfully, and we are enjoying watching him change and grow through the days! What joy he brings to all around him!!!
We invited Katie over for tea today, and Beth set a beautiful table of goodies. Lace table runner, china, tea, lemonade, brownies, cookies... you know, "the works", and Beth pulled it off in grand style! Cooing over and playing with Bret topped it all off of course:)
Daddy and Mama continue to work on the adoption process with Latvia, and things are clipping right along. Exciting isn't it?!

But it is late, and I must away. So thanks for your patience! And may the Lord bless and keep y'all this week!


~Hmm, sorry I almost forgot, in the difficulty with the old blogging program, the comment moderation quit working and it wouldn't send me any of the comments! Soo, if you had something you wanted to comment on, then you should be able to get on now and send it again, (if you don't mind going to all the trouble) and I'll post it to the blog:) Thanks!!~

Zoey and Bethany~Such darling girlies!

Little Bret's introduction to his Aunt Lynda. (Assuming he ever woke up that is, lol)

We were just thirlled when our Uncle Scott and Aunt Leanna dropped by for a bit!

Oh y'all, mumsie made the most fabulous tilapia, with jalepeno peppers! Ahhh...it was enjoyed immensely. Such a delightful cook she is!

A beautiful, Godly mother. We sure love you Katie!

LOL, I think there were four cameras in the breakfast room alone that afternoon!

Lil' bit, doing what he does best;)

"Smile girls, smile"

Ohh Isn't he cute!!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A delightfully contented Uncle and Nephew.

A few of the younger S'morton gentleman observing their sisters amusing endeavors.

"Would you just keep her away from me!" LOL!
Sorry girls, but y'all are just so adorable, I can scarce help but snag every shot possible;)

In which we girls attempt to confuse our poor victim as to the direction in which she is spinning. Umm, pointless? Yes, LOL! But also excessively amusing;)

Adeline so sweetly reading to the little boys.