Friday, March 31, 2006

This past week, we have been so blessed to have the Zwoenitzer family from Washington visiting and fellowshipping with us! They arrived last Sunday and to our dissapointment left Thursday morning. Our visit contained late night card games and readings of a favorite and hysterical book, mini concerts and music lessons (Isaiah attempted to teach me the harmonica but i am lost when it comes to musical instruments) a trip into the woods where we built a dam, and found an armadillo skeleton, jolly meals outside, fun cooking experiences, a birthday party for Israel and and a baseball game. We hope to have many more such memories with the whole family! Posted by Picasa
Yuchi babe Posted by Picasa
Whilst the guy's played ball, the younger ones climbed trees and played with the tire swing Posted by Picasa
Zech with baby Posted by Picasa
"and he's about to be out!" The Zwoens last afternoon here, the guy's and Daddy's all went outside to play ball! Our cousins the hosches arrived and they joined in! Posted by Picasa
Josh the pitcher Posted by Picasa
Nathan abou to make a home run!  Posted by Picasa
view fro upstairs Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 30, 2006

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kitchen helpers Posted by Picasa
and we girls cooked... Posted by Picasa
armando Posted by Picasa
Jonathan Posted by Picasa
Zech Posted by Picasa
Bekah Posted by Picasa
Isaiah Posted by Picasa
Yuchi Posted by Picasa
telling jokes around the table last night Posted by Picasa
last night, we grilled outside and enjoyed a celebration meal in honor of Israels 21st Birthday. Happy Birthday! Posted by Picasa
Isaiah Posted by Picasa
Zechariah Posted by Picasa
Mr. Zwoneitzer Posted by Picasa
Charlie and Israel Posted by Picasa
beth Posted by Picasa
Charlie Morg. Posted by Picasa