Thursday, June 29, 2006

The girls! Posted by Picasa
Saturday evening we gathered at Amanda's cousin Salina's home for a Graduation dinner! The dear Robert's girls and Jordan were present as well. We enjoyed a lovely evening visiting with amanda's family, exclaiming over the delicious food, and splashing around with our feetsies in the pool! LOL Posted by Picasa
Uncle Mark with his lovely daughter Posted by Picasa
Adeline and Amanda Posted by Picasa
Bethy and Martha Posted by Picasa
Papa Ed and one of the twins Posted by Picasa
Jordan and Martha Posted by Picasa
swsweet girlies Posted by Picasa
Adeline and I Posted by Picasa
Martha and Bethy enjoying the pool Posted by Picasa
Amanda opening her presents Posted by Picasa
Sunday afternoon, the girls gathered upstairs and made a few recordings? They had fun anyways! Posted by Picasa
two happy Mammas! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The kiddies helping Beth cook supper Posted by Picasa
Last night, Mama Katie, Charlie, Beth, Arman, and Yuchi went to the airport to pick up the two darling little children from Europe that we are hosting! A 10 year old little girl Madara, and a 7 year old boy Ivo. Two precious cuties who are adding so much joy to our lives already! This morning after an amusing breakfast in which we recieved language lessons and the children English, they helped me feed the sheep over the lambs and the ram.
Rachel is making plans to make a skirt for Madara for this Sunday and Ivo is learning to play on the piano! So it's off with wedding plans for me, laundry for Beth, and Sewing for Rachie!
Ivo, an all boy little guy who rambles in an other language as he explores the grounds and turns on everything that makes noise. LOL Posted by Picasa
Madara, a precious little girl who is so very eager to please and to learn English. She says yes after everything, and is always smiling! Posted by Picasa
Alan and Katie Posted by Picasa
Ivo with Mama and yuchi Posted by Picasa
Madara Posted by Picasa
Picking the kids up from the airport last night Posted by Picasa
Madara the sweetie pie! Posted by Picasa
Ivo the cutie Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Michael jr and I  Posted by Picasa
Sunday afternoon as we ran outside to bid the Davis famiyl farewell, I heard exclamations of wonder. I ran outside to discover everyone staring up at ths sky! Posted by Picasa
a weird pink and green light streaming out from behind a cloud! Posted by Picasa