Wednesday, July 01, 2009

To Arizona and back

Day One

About two weeks ago my brother Alan and I took a load of wood out to Arizona for our Cousin Daniel! It was so neat! I'd only been to AZ once and I didn't remember it so it was a really interesting to see this different part of the U.S. And it is REALLY different from the South East!
We left on Monday, around 3 a.m. Not a good time to start a long car trip! We made it about half way through Texas though. Not bad!
G.P.S, Sunglasses, Flag, little music device thingy...yup, we're all ready!
Charlie tightening the load

Yeah! AK!! We're half way to the half way mark!
My handsome bro!

Ahhh, all sorts of things to remind me of family and home!

"Look! Only 1085 miles to go!!!"
A beautiful sunset at the end of our long day of driving.
Day Two
Day two finds us in New Mexico. Land of shrubs and buttes!! I've never seen land like this before. LOL! It's so flat and NO trees! Wow!
New Mexico may have been flat and kinda boring but it did have a very beautiful and rather large flower garden at the rest area!

When we got to Arizona there was a gorgeous Mountain pass that we stopped to take pictures in!!The camera had decided to act up just then so the pictures are too bright but it really was just breathtaking!!
A little creature that I have no idea what it is! ;)

Alan saw this old car! LOL!

More pretty mountains!
Uhh, and more mountains
hmm.. I'm sure your wondering how many pictures of the mountains I'm going to post;)

Just one more!
We dropped our load that day in Show Low!! Yeah!

We were then able to drive over to our Cousins house for the night! Thank y'all so much for letting us drop in at such a late hour!
Day Three
After a much needed nights sleep we spent a wonderful day with our dear cousins! The girls showed me their neighborhood, dogs and we got to meet some of the sweet people in their Church!

The youngest S. member. Such a cutie!
The girls
And their dog, Squiggle!

Me, taking a nap

Charlie talking with Kate, and taking a nap!

They have these trees everywhere! They look like toothpicks to me;)
Day Four
Well, day four we headed towards home wonderfully refreshed and fed and *sigh* eating sandwiches againHmm, here's something you don't see everyday in Ga!
Day Five

OH! dear W. family, it was so good to see y'all again! Thank you so much for the beds and chow!
Hey! Its the B's!!!
Well, around half way through Texas we got really desperate for home and I quit taking pictures;)
We finally puled in around around 6 a.m. Saturday morning, SO happy to be home!!!
It was a wonderful trip all together! We even found a Krispy Kreme out in Texas! LOL!
Since then we've been busy with the wonderful everyday things of life, just enjoying the summer. I hope to post some pictures of our summer happenings some time soon!
Till then!
Dios te bendiga,


Down the Lane said...

Aww....they did a law firm sign just for Had tons of FUN with you last night! See you Wednesday!!

Black Matt Vawser said...

Glad ya'll got a taste of the West. I'm sorry if I talk about it so much but there is no place on God's green earth that I enjoy more than the high lonesome of the Western lands.
I must admit though that the desert really isn't all that green this time of year. LOL

Lynn said...

How awesome!! Looks like you had a grand time and how cool to spend that time with your brother. ~Lynn

Lisa Murphy said...

Beautiful pictures. But how are you a day ahead of us? Your post says Wednesday July 1st. I think you are tired from jumping time zones. LOL

Lisa in GA

SmithFamily said...

Hey BG! Yup, our very own law firm;) Can't wait till tomorrow!!

Hello Matt,
Alan and I are glad we got to see some of the West too! It has it's own sort of beauty, in a rugged sort of way!

Ah, dear Lynn, I did have such a wonderful time with Alan! He's such a great brother! I am so blessed!

Hello Mrs. Lisa! It was so nice to meet y'all the other day!
I actually tried to schedule this post for July 1 but it goofed up and posted it yest. instead! LOL! Oh well;)

Anonymous said...

Dave Ward Dr must be an awesome road! :-)