Saturday, April 29, 2006

roses a dime a dozen Posted by Picasa
Yuchi babe raiding the kitchen counters Posted by Picasa
Rachie sewing away Posted by Picasa
Bethy Posted by Picasa
a view through the kitchen window... Posted by Picasa
drum's bees wax! hmm... Posted by Picasa
behold, my toxic concoctions! Posted by Picasa
Rachie visiting us in the kitchen Posted by Picasa
Bethy, the queen of the kitchen Posted by Picasa
The other afternoon, I had a picnic with the two little girlies, we ate with our fingers and dirtied our pinafores Posted by Picasa
Miss Neice Posted by Picasa
Miss Charlotte Posted by Picasa
This here picture is a historic monument in time, when our cousins are yet still smaller than us. not for long though! Posted by Picasa
all of us kiddies Posted by Picasa
Rachie working on a few sewing projects Posted by Picasa
Charlie preparing for his upcoming child rearing days:  Posted by Picasa
Mis Bekah Posted by Picasa
Betsey boo' Posted by Picasa
Yesterday, Rachie, the little boys, and Daddy started work on the Florida room. Posted by Picasa
Armani helping Posted by Picasa
Rachie working away Posted by Picasa
the little girls were out weeding the weeds, and...plants. LOL Posted by Picasa
Charlie and Kate working on their various projects. Posted by Picasa
Neice helping with the strawberry pie Posted by Picasa
Rachie and I off the help at the Landers Graduation party. Posted by Picasa