Friday, December 30, 2005

Jake's Juke box

"Powerful you have become!"

-Jake Edwards aka The Deer Slayer
mirror mirror on the wall....who's the big gloob on the's the marshmellow man! Posted by Picasa
"the lady of the shining green waters" Posted by Picasa
wow would ya look at that Posted by Picasa
the camera man Posted by Picasa
wow, you don't see this every day :) Posted by Picasa
-Bethany Posted by Picasa

Word of the Day

1. The act of tilling and preparing the earth for crops; cultivation; the application of labor or other means of improvement.
We ought to blame the culture, not the soil.

2. The application of labor or other means to improve good qualities in, growth; as the culture of the mind, the culture of virtue.
3. The application of labor or other means in producing; as the culture of corn, or grass.
4. Any labor or means employed for improvement, correction, or growth.

-Noah Webster’s Dictionary 1828

1. The sum total of attainments and activities of any specific period, race, or people; civilization: the culture of the ancient Greeks.
2. The knowledge, good taste, refinement, etc., acquired by training the mind and faculties.
3. Development or improvement, as of the mind or body, by special care, training etc. Physical culture, voice culture.
4. Bacteriol a. The proliferation of a specific microorganism in a specially prepared nutrient.
5. The cultivation or raising of a plant or animal.
6. Cultivation of the soil; tillage.

-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 2002
-Kressant Amanda

Quote of the day

"A lady of breeding ougth never to raise her voice above the gentle hum of a wispering wind"
"Ever After"
- Bethany
pretty neat huh?  Posted by Picasa
Before our card game, we kiddies sat for a few minutes watching "Wives and Daughters"whilst eating one of our favorite desserts! Caramel and apples, yummy! (Can you tell that Master Jake wan't enjoying the movie as much as us girls?) :) Posted by Picasa
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AFter cleaning up the kitchen last night, Mama stationed this jar on the counter. Hmm... what does it contain? Posted by Picasa
Look what came out of the oven!!! Posted by Picasa
And it's our second late night game of Shanghaii Rummy! Posted by Picasa
Last night during our card game, someone went upstairs to get their glasses. LOL. Can you guess from the pictures below who the glasses really belong too? LOL Posted by Picasa
Auntie Kim Posted by Picasa
Me, oh dear Posted by Picasa
Jake Posted by Picasa
Rachel Posted by Picasa
Mama Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Camera shoot, commercial #2, auntie Kim as lady frustrated with the newpspaper ads. Director-Uncle Edwards, camera man-Charlie Posted by Picasa
The camera man Posted by Picasa
Alright now, look this way, nope, turn your head, look at the blind.. yeah! Posted by Picasa
view from atop -Rachie Posted by Picasa
Isn't this weet y'all? LOL Posted by Picasa
This afternoon Auntie Kim and I were sent out to take pix of the puppies for the movie show. Posted by Picasa
Ben and the pup Posted by Picasa