Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Passover Party

Two weekends ago we hosted a Passover Party!!
It was such a jolly time to learn more about the feasts in the Bible!

The Smithy Ham
And here is the official Antonion ham
After lunch we played our version of Baseball!
Daddy was our "Champion" batter!

Maud with the precious Martinez boy
Abbi entertaining our munchkins

Ohh, isn't witle Ron cute!!
Daddy and Mr. Antonion dicussing the Passover

"Hmm, If only I understood what was going on" :)

Our Passover Lamb

God Bless!

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Father/Daughter Retreat at Callaway Gardens

This year we had the pleasure of attending Vision Forums Father/Daughter retreat!!

Bekah helping out with the Tussy Mussy's
Out on the lawn we played 4 different games with our Father!

Little Miss Gracia ;)

Playing "Crochet"

It was such a joy to get to see the Power's family again!

late after the first session
One of the highlights of the weekend is the High Tea!!

One of our friends at our table, Miss Scarlett
Madi was pleased to recieve the Tussy Mussy at our table!!

After Tea Daddy drove us around to some of the different gardens and centers in Callaway Garden!!
The Butterfly House was by far the most interesting of them all!!

At a resturant later that night we found this map with the Campana's name on it!!
After the service on Sunday we went ove to the Ford's property

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The baby shower for Christina Tremblay and Rachel Morton

Last Saturday Alan and Katie hosted a baby shower for our dear cousin Christina, who had her baby on Tuesday!! and our sister Rachel
Kressy and Addie were kind enough to do the decorations for us!!
Addie's beautiful handiwork

Grandmama's and grandbabies!

Aren't they beautful! Thank y'all so much

Adeline with our dear Aunt Gina

the 4 little blessings!