Monday, November 12, 2007

Traipsing through Riga and Sigulda

Maud, extremly happy to be landing in Latvia!!
Meeting our precious Gavido

Showing off our appartment

Escapades in the park and through old Riga

St. Petersburg church
In the tower of the church!
It was so beautiful but very windy
The Jelgaba river,which completly ices over in the winter and everyone goes ice skating!
A HUGE storks nest! You can barely see mama and I standing below.
On Cat hill
With our guide, Ms. Ilma on the trip to Sigulda
A really big Bob sled track we visited

Now for the castle! It was definatly the highlight of the trip!
Madisen by one of the old cannons
Ms. Ilma in the tower stair cases

On the last day that we were there it snowed!! It was a wonerful way to remember Latvia;)
Yivoh, contemplating his next victom
Snowy art

I leave you with a picture of all the Smithy Kids in downtown Riga!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We're Home From Latvia!

Here is Mama with all our new little ones
Madara Louise-maud;)
Wallace Yivoh
Joshua Madeks
Ronald Madisen

Daniel Gavido-or Di-di