Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Betrothal of Wesley & Rachel

Michael working out in the fields Saturday afternoon before the Betrothal Ceremony.

Wesley and Rachel on the horses.

Here are a few pix of Michael and Kressant's garden.

Wesley, Rachel and Bret.
~Many thanks to Katie for the above photos:)

Setting up for the Betrothal Ceremony.

Mr. Morton opens up the afternoons ceremony.

Wesley giving his testimony.

In which Daddy produces the Betrothal Covenant.

Pledging the vows.

Snatching a few minutes sleep in between the ceremony and dinner;)

Darling Mrs. Kim with her newest little blessing after dinner.

The newly betrothed couple.

A farewell pix of Michael and Kressy right before the Smithy clan headed back to Griffin Monday.


Another Smithy Filming Project

One of the camera men.

Beth acting as a stand-in.

Fascinated Bystanders observing the progress of the filming.
Surprisingly not staged for once, lol.

Well, a rather pointless picture but we liked the color effect;)

Uh, I think that's actually a sink, lol. Beth spruces it up quite a bit though;)

The Smithy film-Mascot.

An aerial shot

Daddy on the camera.

The little boys manning the equipment table.

What a cutie!

My little bug and I.

Quite the actress.
Watching the results of the afternoon's work.

Monday, May 21, 2007

S'Morton Camping Trip May 07

Well y'all, we decided it was about time to post about the camping trip we went on a couple of weeks ago. We were delighted to have the Marc Davis family join us, as well as the Morton's much loved Granddaddy.
The Lord greatly blessed the events and happenings of the weekend and we had a wonderful time!
They say a picture tells a thousand words, so instead of telling y'all what happened, I figure I'll just get on with the pictures:)
Hope y'all have a blessed week!

Grace and Peace in our Lord Jesus Christ,


Beth, Kress (with little Michael the third, due on Kressant's birthday July 15) and Michael Jr.

We had such a ball with the canoe the clan brought along!

The girls on the bank.

Alan and Kressy.

Martha with one of the Davis' twins.

The essence of 'camping' ;)

A wonderfully charming brother.

Precious Granddaddy. We were so glad you were there!!

Adeline cooking a hot dog.

The official Camp chef.

John Wright.

Master Andrew.

My sweet pet. I love you darlin!

Mrs. Laura.
Miss Amanda.

What a joy Motherhood is!!

Evening serenade.

Uncle Michael with his grandson.