Wednesday, August 30, 2006

the bride to be blogging this evening, yeah I know, wow, am I really on the computer?! The Smithy's computers have been done for 7 days and we just got access today! hurray! Yes, life is really BUSY around here! The Vawsers from Idaho are here, they arrived yesterday. Today was spent in checking off lists, preparing lists, calling people, checking up on blogs in spare minutes, The Browns sure had a beautiful wedding last week! Mama and MRs. Vawser, yerik, and Bethy went on the big last minute shopping trip to Bjs. Matthew filled my illuminaries with sand and votive candles, Rachel has deep cleaned the house, the Gardiners were here from lunch to dinner helping and chatting, Katie, and Alan took Matt this evening to Walmart, and Dat and I prepared to procession song for the wedding! Well, my lists are calling and I must away! Cheerios and can't wait to see you all in just 3 days!!!!!!! 3 days to go!-kressant smith Posted by Picasa
we currently have 3 litters of puppies which =9 puppies and 4 grown dogs! Whoa Posted by Picasa
The Gardiners spent the afternoon helping us out. Posted by Picasa
another litter Posted by Picasa
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Rachie deep cleaning the great room today Posted by Picasa
wedding preperations.. Posted by Picasa
This past weekend, everyone cepting mama and the little boys headed to Moultire to work on my new home. Whilst we were away Yerik had an amusing incident. LOL Posted by Picasa
little boys and snakes.. Posted by Picasa
up close Posted by Picasa
Miss Bekah Posted by Picasa
Yuchi back from the hospital Posted by Picasa
smithy girls Posted by Picasa
Last Friday evening, our uncle Scott and cousins came for mama's birthday dinner! Happy Birthday Mama! Posted by Picasa
uncle Scott, Aunt Leeana, our cousins Ryan and Rebecca stayed for the birthday dinner. Posted by Picasa
the girlies table Posted by Picasa
Bethybee Posted by Picasa
one afternoon last week, Katie may and Arman threw us girlies a special little tea on the green by the smithies. LOL Posted by Picasa
the three smithy sissy's Posted by Picasa
Charlie and me Posted by Picasa
Charlie and Katie our dear hosts Posted by Picasa
the bride to be Posted by Picasa
Rachel Posted by Picasa
last week our dear little baby Yerik underwent two minor surgery's. What a cutie he is on his way to the hospital! Posted by Picasa
a couple of weeks ago, Charlie, Katie, and I went to our cousin Christinas wedding shower. She and Paul are to be married just two weeks after Michael Jr and I! Posted by Picasa