Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Bit O' Summer

Hello! Hope every one's Summer's are going alright!
Our's has been absolutley wonderful!
Daddy built us an outdoor kitchen at the beginning of Spring! You can cook almost anything you want, even biscuits, if you don't mind them burned a bit on the bottom;)
We've done quite a bit of camping lately. It's been so much fun! I love sitting around the fire with my family, talking or reading and singing! I won't say much about the times when our bedding got soaked or we didn't have any clean clothes for Sunday, or when someone tried to teach us how to start a fire with a stick and shoelace;) yeah, that should've worked, but, it didn't. Oh, well, it wouldn't be real camping without all this plus the bugs, smoke and dirt! It's been quite an experience! Ah, interesting times!
I was able to get a few pictures of Joey and Rach a couple of weekends ago!! She is doing well and her house is coming along nicely! Joe had a fever while we were there though, poor darling.

We are keeping Bret and Ron this week while A-n-K (aka Alan and Katie) are gone to Arizona with a load of wood! They are such cuties (the little boys, I mean) Maud did the most adorable photo shoot of them:)

To end my post I have pictures of us girlies riding Go Carts at the C.'s from Sunday!! It was very fun and very bumby!
Hope y'all enjoy 'em!

Wha-la! La Cocina!! Didn't Daddy do a good job?!He just built this Saturday! The joys of camping;) no sarcasm intended!What fun nephews are!!

Mother and Peach with Peachy's pretty blue walls in the background! Daddy with Joe-Joe

"There's a good one of you Wolf"

Me and my sister Rachy! I must say, we don't really look alike!LOL!


The Campana Family said...

Hey Bethany,
I love your "new" look!

Down the Lane said...

Hey BG1!
What happened to our "so not us" pictures?
Love ya!

SmithFamily said...

Hey BG2! Well, I haven't done a July 4th post yet. I still can't decide IF I want to post those pictures;)LOL!
Love you,