Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My trip to the beach!!

A couple of weeks ago I went with my Grandparents, 2 Aunties and my cousin to Navarre!!! I had such a jolly time y'all, thanks for taking me along!!Hmm, I think we've been in the car to long ;)We had a gorgeous condo! I just loved the red couch off to the left!!The beautiful veiw from our porchGrandaddyAuntie Brenda and Grandaddy doing their "Morning Excersizes"Zee, happy to finally be at the beach!!Me and ZeeZee and I annoying, uh, I mean singing to our Aunts :) Hehe, that was fun Zee!My birdy friendsAunt Lynda and Zee in front of the oceanIn which we watch 2 movies in one night!!! Zee demonstrating the proper way to watch a movie LOL!
Awww, sissy's
My fellow blogger
Auntie and I
I'll leave you with a picture of our last sunset :)


GFBC Conference in Texas

A couple of weeks ago we drove out to Houston, Texas to attend the GFBC Conference!

We the traveling 'Gypsies' ;)

Daddy serenading us

It was such a joy to get to stop at the Davis for a delicious supper, wonderful fellowship and nice comfy beds!! Thank y'all so much for your hospitality!CutiesMaud's 'Art'Talking with Miss Jessica Miller Talking with Miss Brianne Renfroe

On the way home we stopped for some exercise!
Smithy Kids Ham shotsBethanyMadaraArmanWallaceMadeksYerik



-God bless! Beth

Monday, October 20, 2008


3 Weeks ago we took our kitchen apart and started the long process of repainting it!!
There was stuff everywhere!!! :)

Mumsie and I, the painters

Mama working on the drawers
Real "Art"
Since I didn't have a camera when we first started I don't have a before picture but here it is all finished!

The happy kitcheners!!!!