Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A babe is born

With great rejoicing and Praise to our heavenly Father, we announce the birth of Michael and Kressant Morton's first son, Michael B. Morton III!!!

The Lord blessed the delivery, and he arrived this morning at 1:05 am. He weighed 6 pounds and 2 ounces. Such a beautiful, tiny little blessing from the Lord!! The Morton and Smith households are just thrilled to pieces with their little son, grandson, great-grandson, nephew and cousin:) What a joy!! Father, Mother and baby are all doing wonderfully.

We praise the name of our awesome Creator and LORD, for bringing little Michael III safely into this world!!!

Well, everyone has been asking for pictures so here they are:)

A gloriously happy Daddy:)

And such a lovely little mama!

Dorothy and Adeline managing the lights.

Chatting with the absent family members.

Great Granddaddy taking a peek at his little great-grandson.


LOL, the spot light is such a jolly touch.

Our dear midwife weighing little bunkin boo.

Beautiful baby!

I just love the peaceful atmosphere.

Baby Michael making the rounds to his loving family members.

Granddaddy's turn.


Aww, looks like he's giving Aunt Bethy his first smile;)

Aunt Martha.

Aunt Katie.

Uncle Charlie.

Uncle Cleveland.

Aunt Adeline.

And I leave you with a shot of Abuelita with her little grandson, having handed the camera off to another photographer.
Thank you so much Mama for taking the pictures for us!

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Wedding of Jerry Cox and Alma Smith

Raising our voices in praise to our Creator at the church right before the ceremony.

The Vows.

The joy in Granddad's countenance is precious to behold! The LORD is so good!!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cox.

Michael and Kressant congratulating their grandparents;)

Such a darling couple.

A doting Grandfather with his 'leepy' little grandson.

Nana dear (isn't she just radiant!), Charlie, Cleve and Granddaddy.

Aunt Lynda and Zoey did such an exquisite job on the cakes!

Uncle Michael and Aunt Jeanine.


Running the gauntlet;)


Thursday, June 21, 2007

The scoop on Granddad and Nana

A few weeks ago contingents from the Cox, Smith, Morton, Orlans, and Griffin families met up in Roswell at Nana's house (That's Daddy's mother) for the afternoon. Midway through the evening Granddad (Aunt Jeanine's father) called us all together in the living room. The excitement level was quickly rising, as he had been courting Nana for the past couple of weeks! (For the whole scoop on that you can check out the Morton's blog www.mortonclan.blogspot.com.)
Granddaddy looked around, cleared his throat and began his speech. At the height of the excitement, he pulled a ring out of his pocket and placed it on Nana's hand!!
We were all so excited. They were married last Saturday in Roswell!
Pictures of the wedding to follow!!
We pray the LORD will continue to bless their marriage as they serve the Lord together whole heartedly.
They have shown such an encouraging, beautiful example to us through the years.
We love y'all Granddaddy and Nana:)
May the name of the LORD be praised!!!!

Granddaddy and Aunt Brenie.

My beloved with Yuchie and I.

In which Grandpa and Nanny make their first aquaintance with their great-grandson. What a blessing it was to have them down from Michigan!

Grandpa Charles, Nanny and Kress.

How many people does it take to feed a babe?

Sissie 5 and sissie 3 ;)

Granddad and Michael.

Zoey's fine handiwork.

Abuelita with her "wittle gwandson."

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Brenda playing with their great nephew.