Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcoming William Stone Morton!!!

William Stone Morton was born to Wesley and Rachel Sept. 9, 2009, weighing 5 pounds and 12 ounces!!! What a tiny little cutie!! I just got off the phone with Rachel and she says he now weighs over 7 pounds and has red hair and gorgeous blue eyes!! Praise the Lord that he is growing so quickly!!!

Here's a close up of little precious one the day he was born!

Joey contemplating all the wonderful adventures he'll have with his new brother!!

William meeting his Pop

The happy family enjoying their beautiful front porch!

Brothers napping;)

Joey with his daddy's tractor!!

"I'm 1 now, I can do this;)"

We thank the Lord every day for you dear little William!! God Bless you my little nephew!!

Cuties in Cozy Coops!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Labor Day family weekend!

Labor day weekend the Sheats family gathered at my Uncle Wally's and Aunt Debb's house for a party!! It was a blast of 3 days filled with card playing, dancing, swimming, great food and catching up on all our dear families news!!!

Here is my dear Cousin Christina's adorable girl, Madisen!! I just love her red hair!!

Mama and Rhiannon chatting by the pool


Where we spent most of our 3 days:)

Doesn't Yuchi's nose look good after his surgery? Praise the Lord that all went well!

The boyies enjoying the great back yard

Nanny with her 2nd great grand daughter

It was so exciting because we had all the S'Morton grandkids there at one time!! How fun!!

Ah! what cute cousins!!

All the little boys running to their Auntie Maud, she's so good with the nephews!!

Joey trying out the pool;)

Mama and her brother Wally
Carlosito, the cute one! Joey and batter-man!!
Uncle Ed and his 'Baby'
Having trouble breathing Yuch?

Here is the Wesley Morton family a few days before William arrived!
"Happy birthday Aunt Diana!!"
Kate and Kressy-B

Bret being such a great big brother!!

The Wallace Sheats Family, from left to right: Rhiannon, Aunt Deb, Uncle Wally and Sarah-JO
Grandpa Charles, Nanny and Uncle Jon
Nanny with all her children
Sweet little polka-dotted Madisen
Sarah, the boyies and I out watching the guys
Well, here we are y'all! La Familia Smith!
At present we are scurrying around getting ready for the Campmeeting this weekend! What fun! It seems like such a long time since we've had an event!
Poor Alan and his boys have been struggling off and on with a fever so please keep them in your prayers! Esther is getting so big! She scoots and crawls off everything you put her on and looks around with the biggest, prettiest brown eyes ever. Kate has taken some 4 month photos of her that I hope she will soon blog.
We have been canning tomatoes today and Mother has fixed almost all of our repair pile! A rare occurrence indeed;)
I hope y'all are having a good week!
Dios tebendiga,