Tuesday, October 31, 2006

We were surprised this morning by the arrival of our previously next door neighbor Mr. Williams, who recently moved to Utah with his family. He was only here for a little while and then had to fly back home, but we did have the pleasure of enjoying his company for breakfast. Posted by Picasa
After breakfast Mama, Bethy and the little guys headed off in our new rental vehicle to run errands. Posted by Picasa
Charming. Posted by Picasa
Michael working on a desk in a corner of the great room. Posted by Picasa
Kressy writing letters to various friends and family. Posted by Picasa
We were very much thrilled when Nana showed up and spent the afternoon with us:) We sure enjoyed seeing you Nana! Posted by Picasa
Posted by Picasa
Argh Missie, hand over ye camera! Posted by Picasa
Hmm, what card do I play next... Posted by Picasa
Can I sleep in Daddy's bed? Posted by Picasa
Pleeeaase???? Posted by Picasa
Victory! LOL Posted by Picasa
Doughnuts!!! Posted by Picasa
Bethy going through the loot that she and mama gathered from various thrift stores. Posted by Picasa
Ah yes, the charms of ebay! Posted by Picasa
~Love~ Posted by Picasa
Michael and Kressy, who were looking through old pictures on the computer. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 30, 2006

Through the eyes of a child...
Hi. I'm Yerik, and I'm going to tell you about going with my family to the meeting on Sunday for church. It was fun! I woke up and went downstairs to eat breakfast with Daddy, Mama, Rachel, Bethy, and Arman. Alan and Katie were a long way away in a place called Illinois for a wedding. Then I went upstairs and put on my sunday clothes, and went and got in my Daddy's big black truck with my family and Daddy drove to church. And that was how my day started:) Posted by Picasa
Daddy said this meetingplace was called "The Christian Gathering Place."  Posted by Picasa
And my big brother Arman helped me get some flowers to take to my sisters. Posted by Picasa
. Posted by Picasa
My sister Rachel. Posted by Picasa
Oh the possibilities! Namely fishing. (I thought for fish, but my sisters said more likely for little boys who fell in while in the process of fishing.) Posted by Picasa
The meetingplace. Posted by Picasa
Birds eggs in one of the posts. Posted by Picasa