Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Funnel Cakes and Tire Swings

Miss Madi making the above mentioned cakes:)

Beth and the delightful delicacies.

The girlies brought me one in honor of my darling betrothed:) :) Thank you girls!

Yes, some day (supposedly) it will all be done, LOL.

Mumsie and Maud enjoying the cool (well cooler anyways) evening.

Miss Betsy.

Betsy and Maud laughing at my "attempts" to get the flash to work for a picture. (Oh come on girls, it was only ten or eleven times;)

Caught in the act! (Yes they were good weren't they, lol.)

Our hawaiian princess... (No that wasn't my caption, lol.)

Precious Daddy~o pushing Madi on our well used tire swing.

The Master Shepherd of Green Acres.

And finally, the Smithy Compost Initiation Officer.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Cleveland!!!



Happy birthday to our charming brother-in-law, nephew and uncle Cleve!!!! May the Lord bless you Cleveland as you walk in His ways and seek His face. We love you!

~Uncle Bret, Aunt Jacqueline, Rachel, Bethany, Madi, Arman, and Yucho.
~And Alan, Katie and Bret:)
(Yuch says Happy birthday to his Clepland.)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

In which Michael and Kressy come to visit:)
The Michael B Morton Jr. Family.
The Bret Alan Smith II Family.
The big men, and the little men.

Catching a ride on the Katie May Express.

Off to lunch.
Unfortunately it's blurry, but we all had a splendid time!
Baby Michael wit 'im's Abuelita.
Auntie favorite get's a turn;) LOL (just kidding girls. I'm not looking for a cat fight;)
Bretski boo.

Wit 'im's mama.
It's Mumsie's birthday!!

(Actually it was Uncle Michael's birthday, and the 26th is Mama's. Hmm, wait, today is the 26th. Happy Birthday Mama!!!!!!! And Cleve's is tommorrow! Happy Birthday Cleve!!!!!!! And since Uncle's was a couple of days ago...Happy Birthday Uncle Michael!!!!!!!) ;) ;) ;)
Apparently Mama liked Katie's fabulous cake!
And I leave you with our sweet little Daddy and Mama.

(Not that their little. I wonder why we say that? Hmm...I'll have to get back with y'all on that one;)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dinner with Daddy

Hmm, lunch actually, but "dinner with Daddy" sounds better than "lunch with Daddy." In my humble opinion anyway;) We were headed off to get the pattern and the fabric for the little boys vests, so we stopped and met some of Daddy's colleagues from work, enjoyed a splendid lunch at the "Cafe Pig", and of course anytime we get to spend with Daddy is a wonderful treat! And yes, LOL that it the name of it. Cafe Pig. Just like that:) Madi had a hilarious laughing fit, and kept saying it over and over again, so of course we had to take a picture in front of the sign for the blog. Hope y'all enjoy them.

Grace and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ.


What a blessing to have been raised by my God fearing and honoring, wonderful parents, and to have such precious encouraging brothers and sisters to walk alongside. Praise the Lord for his Awesome saving grace!!! Amen!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Betsy and Maud

Meet Maud and Betsy.

Betsy, Maud and their side kick. Betsy and Maud made a cake.

See the cake.

See Betsy and Maud cut the cake.

Betsy and Maud like the icing.

See Maud eat the icing.

The side kick smiles...

Maud turns outlaw...

And that's the end of our story of...

Betsy and Maud!


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Smithy Household Happenings

We were thinking about days past when Kressant was our official blogger. She used to post all sorts of jolly things from around the house. So this post is dedicated to our sweet Kressy Belle! We love you sweetie!
Ahhh what beauty! What class!....

Hmm... LOL

The Smithy Post Extraction Officer.

"Look sissy!"

What a fascinating subject...

Hmm... those folks look oddly familiar.

Beth and Madi.

"Take a pitcher of me like I sleepy sissy." ;)

Daddy and Armani tending the fire.

Lemonade for the thirsty men.

Hmm, needs more sugar.

Herbal remedies.
Capsules of some sort.

The art of sewing, LOL! The seam ripper being the main important aspect of it;)

Bethy busily sewing away.

My amusing attempts at sewing;)

Ultra Ham.

Deep Cleaning.

The budding artist painting his masterpiece.

"Look Mommy!"


Umm, Kress, looks like you forgot something:)