Monday, July 20, 2009

Our "Ba-Zoo" trip

Last week while we had Bret and Ronald Mama decided to take us to Noah's Ark for a picnic lunch and a stroll around! Noah's Ark is a donation run shelter for animal's. Yuchi heard we were going and decided to inform all the others about it so he said "We're going to the Ba-Zoo!!! We're going to the Ba-Zoo!" What a cutie;) It kinda stuck and even Wallace was calling it that!
Well, we got right in the middle of the park and it started pouring! We thought we'd just wait it out but after getting thoroughly drenched we headed back to the truck! As soon as the rain let up the Antonions and their friends the M.'s showed up! What fun! We decided to try another walk around. We got a bit further this time when it started raining again! Ah! Completely soaked and a bit annoyed we just went home after that;)
All us kiddos before our first wetting Brety Running to catch up with 'Yeta'!

The Emu's


Maudi and her sweet companionThe buffalo, or bison. I'm not sure which? Or are buffalo and bison the same thing? I really don't know;)
My Cutie Bros
Maud and her Peacock feather she found

Waiting for the rain to stop the first time!With the A's and M's looking at....The Alligator!

A very friendly deer

The Bear was as far as we made it. Oh well, twas very fun! Thank you Mumsie for taking us! Hopefully next time we can go on a bit further;)
Have a Blessed day!
Dios te bendiga,


Anonymous said...

all North American creatures like that are "bison". True "Buffaloes" are the water buffaloes of Asia, it was North American settlers who mistakenly referred to the new creatures they encountered, and caused extinction, that incorrectly called them "buffalo".

Sami said...

I wish I was there!!
I bet yall had fun w/o
I miss ya!!!

Matt Vawser said...

Them dadburned ingnorant settlers. Callin' bison, beeflers. You think they'd smartin' up one o' these first days.

Down the Lane said...

Hi BG1!
I wish we could have gone with y'all! FUN! The deer pictures are cool!
Love ya!

chatkat9731 said...

We went there when Stephanie was about 3 - long before we ever knew y'all!

Kat in TN