Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Inside our Hive

The other day Daddy donned his bee suit (or Space suit as we call it;) and took all us kiddo's down to look inside the hive to see if the Queen was there!!
smoking the hive!Charlie was a brave one! He let the bees crawl all over him and they never stung him! the little creatures

A mishapped comb

I'd hate for them to angry;)
Well, Charlie and Kate are home for the weekend!! They've been in Bremen working for our Cousin.
OH! And it's Alan's and Carlos' birthdays today!! Happy birthday brother and nephew!! Love y'all!!


SmithFamily said...

Happy birthday Alan!
You are such a wonderful husband and friend.Thank you for being my sweetheart!


The bees are so cool, Beth!! Miss you-love you much!

Happy birthday, dearest brother and nephew!! I love you both bunches!!