Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dat and Bethany atop a very large box that they have been building together. They finally completed it today! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday afternoon after church, Beth captured a moment with our newest little kittens. I had forgotten how cute they could be! Posted by Picasa
how adorable! Posted by Picasa
Katie so happy! Friday night Mr. and Mrs. morton along with my michael jr, drove up to Griffin to pay us a surprise visit! We were ALL thrilled to have them for their short visit! Posted by Picasa
Michael and I, we are off to our uncle Jons wedding to his bride Julie in downtown atlanta! They were married upon a rooftown of the Hyatt. It was a beautiful wedding topped off with rose petals to throw as the newly married couple walked down the isle man and wife. With the exception of one of the bridesmaids from New york fainting, eveything else went smoothly and beautifully! Posted by Picasa
The wedding of Jonathan Ray Sheats and Julie Hlasnick Posted by Picasa
my aunt directing the ceremony Posted by Picasa
the bride and groom Posted by Picasa
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my darling grandmother with her husband.. Posted by Picasa
and the new bride and groom... Posted by Picasa
and the adorable married couple... Posted by Picasa
Michael jr. and I Posted by Picasa
Bethy and our cousin Ethan Posted by Picasa
hansome Armani' Posted by Picasa
my two aunties Posted by Picasa
Bethy and Daddy Posted by Picasa
Rachie babe enjoying the water fall Posted by Picasa
Mama and Armani Posted by Picasa
Michael jr. and I chatting Posted by Picasa
yuchi Posted by Picasa
After the ceremony, we drove downtown to the "Paris on Ponce" Antique shop for the reception! It was such a fascinating building filled with antiques, and beautiful candles lit all throughout the shop. After journeying through the building we came to the recpetion room which was soely lit by candles, and hanging japanese like fixtures! It was so beautiful! We snacked on the various cheeses, crakers, chocolates, and coffee until the bride and groom arrived when we then ate dinner. We had these wonderful shishkabobs, salad, heart of artichoke, and to our surprise, shrimp in a cream grits sauce served in wine cups! LOL Afterwards there was dancing and much chatter. It was such a lovely evening. Posted by Picasa
Rachel with Ethan Posted by Picasa
Bethany and Sarahjo Posted by Picasa
cousin Ethan with Armani Posted by Picasa