Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dinner is served! Posted by Picasa

Enjoying katie's delightful concoctions! Posted by Picasa

Cards, a much poured over puzzle, and little boys.  Posted by Picasa

In which a game of 'Rook', (a traditional Smithy favorite) is instigated by various personages. Posted by Picasa

"Give me your best shot!" Posted by Picasa

A worthy opponent, (or partner, depending on which position you are assuming).  Posted by Picasa

Gathered round the computer singing. Usually it would be "gathered around the piano singing", lol, but that's after you print out the words:) Posted by Picasa

Ah yes, this is better. Posted by Picasa

Discussions, discussions....Aren't we glad the men have them! Posted by Picasa

Smith and Sanders youngsters hard at play.  Posted by Picasa

Intent upon the task at hand... Posted by Picasa

Kressy's all-in-one-remedy.  Posted by Picasa

Caught in the act... Posted by Picasa

Yuchim with his "Clepland". Posted by Picasa

"Ahhh!!! Rachel, what are you doing with that???" LOL;)Posted by Picasa

The heavens proclaim the glory of the Lord!!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The whole kit and kaboodle! Posted by Picasa

Uncle David with the boys. Posted by Picasa

Sweet Nana. Posted by Picasa

The food... Posted by Picasa

Quite charming Zoey:) Posted by Picasa

And the desserts!!! Posted by Picasa

Avery and Arman delving into the delights of the food table! Posted by Picasa

My table:) Posted by Picasa

"Smile Schultz, he's talking about you." Posted by Picasa