Tuesday, December 01, 2009

New Nephews, Thanksgiving and more!!

Hello readers!!
I hope y'all are having a blessed Christmas season!
These past couple of weeks I was in Moultrie with my dear sister Kressant, helping her out with her three precious little boys!! Jonathan is now 3 weeks old! Last I heard he already weighed 10 pounds! What a big boy, I'm sure he weighs even more now!
My family went down and we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Morton's and Campana's. What a joyous time we had with friends and family remembering those who first obeyed the Lords calling and came to this untamed land, so that we, they're descendants could be free to worship our Lord! It was a most lovely and exciting two weeks with my S'moton family!

Here is the first picture I got of dear little Jonathan, when he was only a few minutes old!!

Mikey and Carlos meeting their new brother

Micheal and his neat bunk bed he built!

The Carlo doing his impersonation of Buz Lighter

Carlo inspecting his new play toy

Jonathan and William. They look so different!

The hambone Joe

"Give it meeee!"

A sun-in-the-eyes picture of my two cuties, Muad and Madisen!

Two wonderful ladies I greatly admire!!

The boys attacking Willy at the campmeeting!

La Smithey sistas!
Thanksgiving prep (love your pose Dee!)
The boys helping:)
"What's all this?!"
My kitchen crew
Two precious girlies!
"Good heavens, people!"
"So you took the last of the sweet potato casserole!"
What cute fat cheeks you have William!!
The Cave man and I! (Cave men are people too!!)
Thomas and Joseph
All the lovely desserts!!
Kress and Addie enjoying the meal together! Doesn't Kress look great?!
Twilight poser
And I'll end with my favorite picture from my stay!! The sky is just so beautiful, it looks like a painting!
Hope y'all have a wonderful week!