Thursday, September 21, 2006

We praise the Lord that Kressant has been healing up very nicely, under Michaels excellent care, and it has been such fun to have them with us!

Today Bethany and Adeline kindly allowed me to join them on an escapade through the woods. So we donned our "woods attire", and headed off with a sack or 'basket' lunch to be precise, along with Yerik as escort, lol! It was loads of fun, thanks girls! ~Rache
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Yuchie hauling his heavy load, lol! Posted by Picasa
Yerik having given up walking, taking the easier and more comfortable mode of transportation. Posted by Picasa
Bethy and Adeline enjoyed looking at the various mushrooms that graced our path. Posted by Picasa
Yerik working on a sandwich during our lunch break. Posted by Picasa
Compliments of Bethy. Posted by Picasa
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Yerik preparing to scale the heights of an unconquered tree;)
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After our pleasant lunch and a much enjoyed rest in the cool shade we ventured off on an escapade through the "field" as it is so elaborately termed, lol. Posted by Picasa
Our little gentleman gathering flowers for his girls! What a cutie:) Posted by Picasa
Adeline and Yerik. Posted by Picasa
An adorable shot of Yerik captured by Bethy. Posted by Picasa
LOL! Posted by Picasa
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Adeline. Posted by Picasa
Standard romping equipment. Posted by Picasa
The ham surveys the lovely scene before him... Posted by Picasa
And then he spots the camera... Posted by Picasa
"Do you mind..." Posted by Picasa
Adeline and Bethy. Posted by Picasa
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Yerik finished off the excursion by sleeping on the walk home. Posted by Picasa
To finish off the day, dinner was served on the back porch by candle light. It was quiet lovely! Posted by Picasa
Charlie and Katie. Posted by Picasa