Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A visit with the Lane Ladies!!!

Last week we had the wonderful pleasure of spending a whole day with the dear Lanes!!! "Peace and Love"
My fellow blogger

Playing Word Yahtzee!!
Hmmm, it was a very interesting game but took way to long ;)

Is that even a word???

My "Chicken Shredder"!! That was fun!!

Sistas! Cute wittle Annie :)

The Mother's back from their long day of shopping

B and the Other B ;)


Down the Lane said...

Hey "Other B",
Yeah, that was such a fun day!!! Can't wait to see you!!

Down the Lane said...

Thanks Bethany for posting the pics!!!Love ya much and c ya today!!
Kennie <3

Down the Lane said...

Hey Bethy!!
It was SO good seeing y'all last night!! Glad y'alls trip went well and y'all are safe back home!!
Hopefully see you soon,
Love ya,
Brittany <3

Salomé said...

I just came across your blog via a whole lot of links!
I hope to visit more often. Keep shining!