Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Nana'a 70th Birthday Party!

On Feb. 1st we celebrated our dear Nana's 70th birthday. 50's fashion and games were the theme of the party so we donned our white bobby socks, red lipstick and scarfs and Mother had some cat-eye glasses she had borrowed.

Kressy and our wonderful Hostess/Auntie ;) A cute pic. Maud snapped of Carlito!! I love his facial expression!

The Smith and P. families

All the boys, dressed up like little Elvis'

Charlotte and her adorable glasses

Daddy and his mother and sisters taking pictures in regular Smithy style!
Playing Limbo!!

"Jack be nimble Jack be quick......."

How low can you go?!!

Kressy greatly enjoying her rootbeer float!

Love the glasses Mommy!!!
Grandaddy and Nana dancing

Happy Birthday Dearest Nana!


The Smiths


Down the Lane said...

Hey Bethany!!!
Looks like y'all had a blast!!!! Love the glasses!!! Oh, Carlos is so cute!!!! Miss ya.
Love ya,
Brittany <3

Down the Lane said...

Haha! very funny!!
Kennie <3