Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our monthly sewing day

Last Wednesday we gathered once again at the Birdie Club house for another wonderful day of sewing, laughing, eating, dancing and fellow-shipping!!!!

Annie and Maud, dear friendsAll the kiddies busy coloring and pasting

Yucho enjoying Miss Elena's delicious pudding!

Fiona and Neicie

Brittany's elaborate braidingKi-ki, Fiona, Ansley and I

Ki-ki and YerikSweet little Annie Doing the Virginia Reel ;)
My dance partner!!!

Gavido's little town

The other B :)

Maud's very first apron!! It looks great sweetie!

Hope to see y'all next month!



Down the Lane said...

it was gr8 fun!!Hope the Antonions would have cum!!!:(
Kennie <3

Down the Lane said...

Hey "B",
That was a really fun day!!!! I wish the "A's" could have been there though. C U on Sunday(if not before)
Much Love,
Brittany(or the other "B")

Mama Ant said...

Looks like yall had fun!!!
Luv ya~
P.S. Who is Ki-Ki?lololol