Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Girls, rooves and little boys!!!

Here are a few random pictures from our week!!!

The other day we girlies went up on the roof!!! Sweet Charlotte
Mellissa a goof up on Adobe :)
So, what REALLY happened while we were up there? Just kidding ;)
The result of watching "Fiddler On The Roof" one too many times! Charlotte and Elena
The kiddie's squash noses
Elena and Necie
Madisen Yucho and his horse
Have a blessed week!



Sam said...

Looks like fun up there.
That pic of you is so pretty.


Down the Lane said...

Hey y'all!!!
Oh that looks like so much fun!! Well, balancing cups on your head is actually harder than it looks ;-) Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!
Much Love,
Bella, Brittany, the other B, Faithie, Faith, B, Britt, & B.F.L.

Down the Lane said...

wow!! i had forgotten about that cup-posing-pic-night!!right.lol ur soooo pretty B!!!!!Love ya much,and c u tomorrow!!
Kennie <3