Saturday, August 18, 2007

Smithy Household Happenings

We were thinking about days past when Kressant was our official blogger. She used to post all sorts of jolly things from around the house. So this post is dedicated to our sweet Kressy Belle! We love you sweetie!
Ahhh what beauty! What class!....

Hmm... LOL

The Smithy Post Extraction Officer.

"Look sissy!"

What a fascinating subject...

Hmm... those folks look oddly familiar.

Beth and Madi.

"Take a pitcher of me like I sleepy sissy." ;)

Daddy and Armani tending the fire.

Lemonade for the thirsty men.

Hmm, needs more sugar.

Herbal remedies.
Capsules of some sort.

The art of sewing, LOL! The seam ripper being the main important aspect of it;)

Bethy busily sewing away.

My amusing attempts at sewing;)

Ultra Ham.

Deep Cleaning.

The budding artist painting his masterpiece.

"Look Mommy!"


Umm, Kress, looks like you forgot something:)


Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel,
It's so good to see that y'all are doing splendidly!
I love browsing through the blog every now and then to keep up with my dear Smith cousins! :-)And, I'm greatly anticipating the wedding!

Claire said...

Enjoyed all the sweet snapshots!

SmithFamily said...

It's so good to hear from you Amalia! I sure hope y'all are doing well, and hope the move went smoothly. Everyone here send their love to the Lynde clan!

Your cousin Rachel

FitzClan said...

What a wonderful post! It's so nice to get glimpses into ya'll's everyday lives! I look forward to seeing wedding pictures soon!


Donna Abbott said...

Hello Smith Family,

What a surprise it was to open our "The Old Schoolhouse Magazine" and find the wonderful article about homeschooling on the high seas! The pictures were fun, too!

I love seeing your new family members on the blog. They are all so cute, and they seem to be blending well with the rest of you.

I too can't wait to see wedding pictures!


Anonymous said...

Ya'll are such a beautiful family.