Saturday, August 25, 2007

In which Michael and Kressy come to visit:)
The Michael B Morton Jr. Family.
The Bret Alan Smith II Family.
The big men, and the little men.

Catching a ride on the Katie May Express.

Off to lunch.
Unfortunately it's blurry, but we all had a splendid time!
Baby Michael wit 'im's Abuelita.
Auntie favorite get's a turn;) LOL (just kidding girls. I'm not looking for a cat fight;)
Bretski boo.

Wit 'im's mama.
It's Mumsie's birthday!!

(Actually it was Uncle Michael's birthday, and the 26th is Mama's. Hmm, wait, today is the 26th. Happy Birthday Mama!!!!!!! And Cleve's is tommorrow! Happy Birthday Cleve!!!!!!! And since Uncle's was a couple of days ago...Happy Birthday Uncle Michael!!!!!!!) ;) ;) ;)
Apparently Mama liked Katie's fabulous cake!
And I leave you with our sweet little Daddy and Mama.

(Not that their little. I wonder why we say that? Hmm...I'll have to get back with y'all on that one;)


My Redeemer Liveth said...

Hello Smith Family!
How to sweet it is to see little ones grow up so quickly!! How old are the babies now (Bret III and Mike III)? Time flies! Our family is in a state of excitement anticipating the wedding! We hope to see y'all there, Lord willing! Blessings to the Smithies!
~Anna, Emily, and Olivia Stone :)

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful time for family birthdays! (Mine is also today. :-)
Everyone looks healthy and happy!
God bless all of you!!

SmithFamily said...

Oh how fun Amalia! Happy Birthday sweetie!!!

Rachel and the Smithy's