Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Funnel Cakes and Tire Swings

Miss Madi making the above mentioned cakes:)

Beth and the delightful delicacies.

The girlies brought me one in honor of my darling betrothed:) :) Thank you girls!

Yes, some day (supposedly) it will all be done, LOL.

Mumsie and Maud enjoying the cool (well cooler anyways) evening.

Miss Betsy.

Betsy and Maud laughing at my "attempts" to get the flash to work for a picture. (Oh come on girls, it was only ten or eleven times;)

Caught in the act! (Yes they were good weren't they, lol.)

Our hawaiian princess... (No that wasn't my caption, lol.)

Precious Daddy~o pushing Madi on our well used tire swing.

The Master Shepherd of Green Acres.

And finally, the Smithy Compost Initiation Officer.


Anna and Miriam said...

Looks like fun! =)

I can't wait to see y'all in just one week! Rachel's wedding will be beautiful, I'm sure.

FitzClan said...

Tomorrow's the day!!!

Congratulations in advance!

Many, many blessings,

CoolBeans said...

Sorry I missed the wedding. I got sick and then I was sad cause I couldn't be there. It didn't help much when my family brought back pictures and told me how fabulous it was! Really wish I could be there.

Claire said...

When will we get to see some wedding photos???

A Daughter of Destiny said...

We are just so blessed by your accounts of planning for the wedding and can't wait to see pictures!

Melissa Thomas
-For all the M's