Monday, August 13, 2007

Clips from Green Acres...

Alan, Katie, Bret and bambino II.

The boys and their wittle nefoo.

Smithy kids.

Beth and Yucho.

My sweet sissy and I.

Pretty girl...

Armani and Yerik.

On the move...

Playing rumicube.


Donna Abbott said...

Baby Bret is growing up so fast! He looks ready to take on the role of big brother. Blessings to your sweet family!

The Abbotts

My Redeemer Liveth said...

What a charming household of ladies and gents! God bless the Smithies!
~Anna, for the Stone family :)

My Redeemer Liveth said...

Oh, little Brett is getting bigger and bigger (also cuter and cuter :) everyday. Such a little person that shall become a (big) godly man later. Much Love to y'all!