Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Birthday's, Visiting, and Sewing

Last Saturday we celebrated Alan's 24th birthday! Granddad and Nana came, as well as our dear Uncle Scott and Aunt Leeana, and the P's. A delightful time was had by all:)

We sure love you Charlie, and Happy Birthday!! May the Lord bless you brother!

The Alan Smith family.

Beth and Madi made a scrumptious cake for him...

24 candles...

Yep, there's 24 of 'em.

Mama and Madi watching the proceedings.


It was soo good to see Granddaddy and Nana!

The kiddies.

The boys...

And some of the girls.

And of course no party is complete in the Smith Household without the official Smithy ham.

Beth made some beautiful nametags!

A 'leepy wittle boy.
Monday morning the Campana's arrived, and we had a wonderful time spending the day with them!
Wedding preparations.



The artists busily creating their masterpieces!
Ah, I've been invited to a wedding! LOL;)

Ingenuity. (The riding lawn mower was broken, but the push mower worked.)

Loaded up.

Miss Gracia.



MortonClan said...

Beth, beautiful place cards,

Happy birthday, dear Alan,

And I love Nick's solution to the mower problem~what a hoot!

I enjoyed the pictures, dear Rach! Delightful post...

Much love,

Kathy said...

I'm not sure how I found you, but I've been lurking for a while! Your photos are always so great. Do you have a fancy camera, or just a lot of skill? Thanks for sharing your beautiful life.

SmithFamily said...

Hey Adeline! You are so dear. Beef is sick, but will be tickled to hear you liked her place cards;) She is soo delightfully creative isn't she!

Yes, isn't Nick hilarious with that lawn mower? What a smart chap.

Hope you girls are doing well, and tell Dee and Marth I love them.



Mrs. Kathy, it's nice to meet you!
My sister Beth is a wonderful photographer isn't she? I'm not sure I would necessarily call our camera 'fancy' but we sure are greatful to the Lord that we have one:)

May the Lord bless you and your sweet family.