Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Shultz Brigade and Strawberries

Hello! Shultz Brigade here! well, at least, most of us are here, a few are still off with Mumsie shopping! Curious as to who the 'Shultz Brigade' is?? well, it's us! All the Smithy Kiddo's still at home! Please don't ask how we came up with such a silly name, but it was obviously derived from staying up entirely too late and watching way too many Hogans Heroes whilst eating chocolates and laughing, and well, you get the point;)
Any-who, today as our dear Mother took half our group to conquer the empty shelves in our fridge I, Commandanta B (aka Beth) took the others to conquer the rows and rows of delicioso ripe strawberries! We had such a fun time (even if our silly hats kept blowing away;) and there's nothing more satisfying then eating the fruit of your own labors, no pun intended:)And here we are! Just itching to get those juicy fruits in our buckets!

The unconquered territory
The Faithful worker
Dear Muad, another faithful worker!"Aww, are we almost done??!"
"I want a BIG one!!"
Ahh, success!

Our un-healthy lunch break
The Smithy's new craze! The Lunch game, Yahtzee!!
Way-to-go Walle!"ARRGG!!! How dare you take our picture!!!"

"On second thought......;)"
Yucho helping out with the cooking! cuties!! And here is our real success and ultimate goal of the day! Strawberry jam!! Yummo!!!
Well, gotta run and serve up supper for the hungry gang/Brigade! "We got supper in the oven, a good families lovin'" (uh, that's a song;)
Farewell from the happy conquerors,
Bethany, Maud, Walle, Madeks and last but not least, Yucho


Anonymous said...

Great job Bethy! Homemade jam is a treat beyond compare. I admire the way you work with and get the cooperation of all of your siblings. You are an inspiration to many a young lady...

Mrs. C

MortonClan said...

Ah, yumm!!! What a delightful post, Bethy!! The jam is gorgeous! Dee's hopefully going to make some too, on Mon.-we got tons of the red things, and have been putting them in everything-they are so delicious.

Love you, and looking forward to seeing you, Lord willing, when the Small One gets here!!

Much love, Addie

Sue said...

Are these your strawberry plants or a u-pick-it site?

If they are yours, how many plants/rows do you have and do you sell them too? Because the garden looks HUGE

Tiffany said...

Hi Bethany!
We love Hogan's Heoroes! It's our alltime favorite show. We've probably watched way too many though!
I love picking--and eating--strawberries.
talk to you later. :)

OurLilFullFam said...

Ah, nothing beats that homemade strawberrry jam does it? My girls won't even eat store bought anymore. Look like you all had a great time!


SmithFamily said...

Hello Mrs. Sue! I'm afraid these strawberry plants arn't ours, we went to a place called Debs Beds to pick! It would be mighty fine if we did have our own patch though!!
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

I remember picking strawberries when we were in Georgia filming "Garments of Praise." Is this the same field we picked from then?

Mrs. Vawser

SmithFamily said...

Hello Mrs. Vawser! Oh, that was os much fun pickin strawberries with y'all! What wonderful memories......
No, this isn't the same place that we picked from with ya'll. The Lane's told us about this place and we loved it so much we actually went again the next day!