Saturday, April 25, 2009

Griffins 2009 Mayfling

Last Saturday the "Fellowship of the Father Band" had their first formal appearance at the Griffin Mayfling in the city park! I'm not sure why they called it a "May" fling, since it was April but we sure did have a jolly time! The Antonions, Lane's and my dear Grandparents were all able to join us there and then they all came back to the house for a delish lunch of lasagnas and KFC (which seems to be our special food any time people come over!!)
Later on the kiddos' and I went back to the park and saw the ugliest yellowish/white snake that was absolutely ginormous!! Unfortunately we didn't get pics of it but we did get a pic. of another snake (aka snack LOL! sorry, family joke;) that was quite large too!

Daddy debriefing the groupOur faithful audience Preforming 'Jehovah Jirah'

Mr. Lane and Daddy playing This was Maud's first time playing on stage! You did such a wonderful job sweetie!
I was on the piano
And Brit. on the guitar Dear Mrs. A, Levi is getting so big!
She sings everywhere she goes, La, la la la!
The ugly snakeMothers and babesMrs. A and her now eldest daughter at home!Stopping to smell the orchids, which by the way Sam, um don't smell like anything!Cuties

Awww! what a pwecious wittle yawn!Mama and Mrs. Lane chatting while Daddy catches a napIt was so good to see you Grandaddy and Nana!!Charlie and Kate, who, by the way is due ANY day now!!! Ah, how exciting! I'll be sure and post any news of the babe when it comes!

Well, that's all for now!


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BB said...

I hope that it is soon!!!! Keep everything posted as well as you can Beth dear for those of us who cant be there as much as others...aka...ME!!
Love ya darling! Missin you!
Love me,