Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pastor Ron Tribute Video

Dear Friends of the Homeschool Advantage:

I am pleased to announce the premiere showing of the most important film we have ever produced. On Saturday, May 9, we will be showing for the very first time the documentary “The Amazing Journey of Pastor Ron” at 6:30pm. The host for this event is the Deliverance Tabernacle of PraiseChurch on Hwy 109 in Molena – in the building where my father pastored for so many years.This feature-length documentary includes testimonies from some of the people who knew and loved him. My mother, Alma; his daughter-in-law,Jacqueline; his grandson, Alan; his old friend who led him to Christ,Ken Roberts; and church members Walter Robbins and John & Denise Hosch.It also includes a photo montage from momentous times in his life, setto the audio recording of his funeral. But perhaps the most significant feature of this film is that it clearly shows how his life paralleled that of another great man – Terah, the father of Abraham. As Terah madethe great leap of faith to carry his family out of a pagan land of idolatry to begin a multigenerational journey that would ultimately leadto his descendants taking possession of the Promised Land, so Pastor Ron forsook his legacy of drunkenness, racial bigotry, and mockery of the things of God, and embarked on a multigenerational journey marked by a love of God’s Word and obedience to it. Pastor Ron became a man like the prophet Elijah, who “turned the hearts of the fathers to their children,and the hearts of the children to their fathers.” Indeed, it has been reported that when he died, his church may have had the highest ratio of homeschooling families of any Assemblies of God church in Georgia.I work with so many men today whose fathers left them a legacy that they must overcome in order to serve God. For me to have the legacy leftby a father like Pastor Ron is both a tremendous privilege and an awesome responsibility. The main purpose of this film is to help the future generations of the Smith dynasty to understand the importance of taking their place in God’s multigenerational master plan for our family. It is also designed to inspire other men to turn their hearts to their children, and embrace the covenant God desires to confirm withthem, to establish their own dynasty of Godly families who willbuild Christ's kingdom on earth. The following link is to a 5 minute preview of the film:


I encourage you make your plans today to come and help us honor the man whose vision is responsible for the establishment of The HomeschoolAdvantage and The Fellowship of the Father. There will be live music performed by the Fellowship of the Father Band, and after the film showing, there will be a reception with refreshments, where you will have an opportunity to visit with the cast and crew. Contact my wife Jacqueline at 678-361-0228 if you need a place to stay, and she will put you in touch with one of the families from our church who will be pleased to offer you their hospitality. Plan to stay and attend services on Sunday morning with the most unique and exciting fellowship on the continent – The Fellowship of the Father. See you May 9th !

In His Service, Captain Bret

http://www.fellowshipofthefather.org/ <http://www.fellowshipofthefather.org/


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