Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bye, Bye BB party!

2 Sundays ago was our last Sunday with our dear Brittney as an unmarried lady, so all of us young ladies gathered in the back yard for a "Bye, Bye" party. We had such grand time talking of all the wonderful memories we had made together and ones we hope to make (for instance, meeting Brittney's future baby;) and just enjoyed spending time with each other one last time!
We love ya B!

What BB calls "The B choke"

Giving Maud the "Why are you taking my picture" stare

"OOOHHH, I remember that! LOL!"
Brit. L

Your so cute B

The Sis. of the bride

Our famous B, BB and B pic.

To see pictures of her lovely wedding you can visit and and


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Sam said...

Beth on the name of our blog you messed up you put "anstonafarm" not "antsonafarm"lol
WOW!!lol Nice post.

Luv ya!!!