Monday, July 30, 2007

Saturday evening our captain (Uncle Jerry) took us on the boat over to a lakeside restaurant for dinner. It was quite lovely!

We were just thrilled to have Granddad and Nana there!

Dat and Mumsie:)

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Brenie.

Beth and Zoey.

Me and Madi.

Bethy's art.

A gentleman and a scholar...


Us four girlies.

Under the lighthouse...

Ahh, lovely my dear.

A stunning shot of Zoey:)

The three Smith girls.



And three:)

And our beloved Daddy and Mama.

Hmm... I liked this for some reason...
The cute little restaurant.

All aboard.

Mama and Armani enjoying the ride.


"Grandpappy told my Pappy "back in my day son, a man had to answer for the things that he done..." ;)

Alas! The sun breaks through the clouds...

Ahhh, hair blowing in the wind...

Mama dahling.

Zoey and Bethy making a delicious lunch on Sunday.

The grill master:)

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