Monday, July 09, 2007

Return from Latvia

Daddy, Mama and Madara arrived safely home from Latvia on Sunday afternoon! We were soo happy to see them. Madi is sitting here helping me blog. She is just as sweet as could be!
Well I won't go through all the details right now, and since I wasn't there anyways, I figure I'll just let them tell y'all about it all through the pictures they took.

No, this is not the first picture they took, but it sure is a cute one! Madi - 11, is holding baby Gavido - 2, and the three little boys are Ivo - 8, Marisen - 4, and Mareks - 5. Such precious little ones. Ahh, we are soooo excited!!!

Daddy and Mama arrived in Riga Latvia on Wednesday I believe, and settled into their hotel.

Then they picked up the three oldest children Madi, Ivo, and Mareks on Thursday, and then picked up the two babies on Friday.

Here is Ivo, right after Daddy and Mama arrived at the childrens home in Tervete.

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One Lily said...

Five blessings, for sure!
And your parents are wonderful!
Bless you all!