Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Kressant and Adeline!

On Sunday, July 16 we celebrated Kressant and Adeline's birthday. Kressant turned 20 and Adeline, 16. They have been such a blessing to our families over the years. I am so thankful to the Lord for blessing me with such dear sisters! They have set such a beautiful example of serving and honoring their families.

We love y'all so much Kressant and Adeline. Happy Birthday!!

Beloved sisters.

Sweet mommy.

Little bookin.

Members of the Morton, Smith and Pethtel families.

Auntie dahling.

Beth and Martha.

My darling and I looking at our announcement in the Moultrie Observer.

Blow out the candles!


The Cochran's said...

Happy Birthday Kressant and Adeline!!! I am so glad you had a happy day!

May our dear Lord bless and keep you always.

I love you both!!!
Savannah Cochran

Anna Naomi said...

Happy birthday, girls! May you both have a wonderful year!

Claire said...

I don't think I've yet said Congratulations to the new couple! I have to ask... do you two have a "courtship story" you are willing to share? They are always so inspiring to read!

May the Lord bless you both! By the way, you look great together. ;) I loved the post where there was a photo of you two, with Rachel in a white skirt...lovely.