Friday, October 23, 2009

Smithy Doings

Hello Readers!
What a month we've had! Our 6th grandson (nephew) William was born, our church hosted a camp meeting, we had the P. children for a couple of weeks and the dear Smith family from Jacksonville visited us! What fun it was to fellowship with them one on one and get to know them better!
Our Tilapia came in last week! We now have 200 little fishy's (give or take a few) out in our Florida room, growing fast we hope, till we can either sell or consume them!
Today we are trying to tie up all loose ends and pack for when Kressy calls and says it's time for her little one to come! Ah, how fun!
Well, it's off to laundry for me,
God Bless and have a great day!

Mr. Smith and Esther

The table of spoons players!!

Determined players

The spoons await!

The sudden and desperate struggle!

"Oh, this looks quite dangerous!"

Miss Gracie blessing us with her wonderful piano talents!

Miss Rosemary and her new kitten
Miss Margaret and Gavido

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