Friday, October 23, 2009

Maud and Elena picking some fall leaves to decorate the house with
Abstract art

The official tug-o-war contestants! Girls against the guys, which doesn't really seem all that fair, but, I bet you'll never guess which side won?!! LOL!!
Yup, it was the girls. What are the odds?
Ron stands on the side lines, "I can't believe it! C'mon boys, lets try it again!" he yells

"I can't believe their going to loose AGAIN! " Bravely Ron runs to save the day
But, alas he slips! The boys will have to win on their own now!
With their last ounce of strength the boys heave the girls across the line!! There is victory! Hurrah!
Our new temporary radio system;)
Our Tilapia
Just how did we all fit around the table again?
Madeks and Yerik showing me the camels the wise men rode on to go see Jesus!
I guess we never really learned the "Don't play with your food" rule!

All the little tree monkeys

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