Monday, April 07, 2008


After attending the Turley/Keen wedding in Birmingham we ate and changed clothes here at Arby's before heading north to Wisconsin to purchase a new truck!

Loading up!

For Breakfast we stopped at the Flying J


my little ham

Mr. Turba showed us how he milks his cows mechanically

Yuchi our little Khazak man

An old barn

After milking the cows Mr. Turba let us go with him to collect sap from his Maple trees for maple syrup!

Mama and Mrs. Turba with the little boys!

Collecting the sap

Mr. Turba giving the boys a ride!!


Anton showing me how to get the sap!

Playing on a very pretty hill!!

Daddy with Alan's new truck!!

Getting readdy to leave

Maud and I thought this picture especially funny

Gavido, happy to be on the way home!

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Mama Ant said...

Great pics! Gavido is so photogenic!