Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A day and about 20 loads of laundry after arriving home from Wisconsin we loaded up again and headed out to San Antonio for the "200 Year Plan" conference!
Sweet brothers

Out by the River walk Daddy spotted a snake!

eating lunch

All our little hams!

Yivohs "Art"

Ham shot #1
and #3 ;)

Before the last session we had the privilege of going out to eat with the Powers!! It was so good to see y'all!
Maud with the Powers Twins

Mr. Powers and his cute little girl

Charlie with wittel Ronski in the cutest lttle outfit Kate found!

After the service on Sunday we went over to the Phillips' house. Here is Maud with some of her friends.


david santos said...

Nice, nice and very nice!
I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice day

Mama Ant said...

Looks like you all had a great time!

Grace said...

Hi, Bethany, this is Grace!
Wonderful post on the conference! I'm glad you got some pictures, we failed to capture any. :( I posted about the conference, too, but only words. Ah, well, I love writing.

Hope to hear from you soon!