Thursday, June 21, 2007

The scoop on Granddad and Nana

A few weeks ago contingents from the Cox, Smith, Morton, Orlans, and Griffin families met up in Roswell at Nana's house (That's Daddy's mother) for the afternoon. Midway through the evening Granddad (Aunt Jeanine's father) called us all together in the living room. The excitement level was quickly rising, as he had been courting Nana for the past couple of weeks! (For the whole scoop on that you can check out the Morton's blog
Granddaddy looked around, cleared his throat and began his speech. At the height of the excitement, he pulled a ring out of his pocket and placed it on Nana's hand!!
We were all so excited. They were married last Saturday in Roswell!
Pictures of the wedding to follow!!
We pray the LORD will continue to bless their marriage as they serve the Lord together whole heartedly.
They have shown such an encouraging, beautiful example to us through the years.
We love y'all Granddaddy and Nana:)
May the name of the LORD be praised!!!!

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Baleboosteh said...

God is so good! This is such a wonderful thing to happen and we pray that the Lord will richly bless them in their life together.
Michelle & Rob