Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Jamestown Excursion

Beth is gone away to Jamestown for a week and a half with some dear friends. We have been missing her very much, but are so glad they are having a good time!
I've been being reminded once again this week of what a blessing she is to our household.
(Not just because the garden is overrun by weeds and the laundry is backed up, lol;)
I'm so blessed to have such a delightful family that makes it a joy to work together, serving the Lord under our father's leadership. Ahh, Praise the Lord!
We sure love and miss you Bethy!!

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FitzClan said...

We're praying for Kressant and the new baby! Hope things are going well!

It was so nice to see you, Bethany, in Jamestown! That was definitely one of the highlights of our trip!