Thursday, June 21, 2007

In which Grandpa and Nanny make their first aquaintance with their great-grandson. What a blessing it was to have them down from Michigan!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoying your blog, Rachel!
and congratulations to everyone getting married and having babies!
Jeanine's father married your mom's mom?
and who are these people, the great grandfather and 'nanny'?
just trying to keep track!
i hope someone is writing a book about all these adventures!
and when is bethy posting about her jamestown trip?!?
patricia and i are on the edge of our seats...we played the treasure hunt online.

give your busy mom (mother and DAUGHTER of the bride(s)) a hello from me. i regret we have not journeyed down sooner for a sewing lesson from you and video-editing lessons from your padre! some day....i imagine your summer is quite full already!

blessings to one and all.

Mrs. Julie Cochran