Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Schultz Brigade strikes again!


FitzClan said...

Oh, is everybody well again? So sorry you were "under the weather" for a bit. It seems to be going around.

Blessings to the Smithy family!

chatkat said...

You know what is really sad? I did not recognize my own children :)

SmithFamily said...

~Hey Lauren, yes we're all doing quite a bit better praise the Lord!! I think that flu thing made the rounds to just about everyone in our family. But it reminded us once again how much of a blessing good health is:) I trust the Fitz clan are all doing well.

~It's so good to see you here on the blog Mrs. Kathy! LOL, they're hilarious aren't they? You're children are such a joy to be with:) We've been missing the Pethtel fam!

God bless!