Monday, February 26, 2007

~Hams, Flu's, and Visit's with the Pethtel and Edwards families~

Well, the Smithy clan is back on it's feet again Praise the Lord! We have all been down with the flu, and various other little things that folk have been sick with round here, for the past couple of weeks. Hence the neglect of the blog lately.

Michael and Kressant were soo kind to come up and look after some of us, and filled the fridge with all sorts of delicious dishes whilst Dat and Mumsie were away to Florida for the NRB Convention (National Religious Broadcasters.)
The Lord greatly blessed the trip to Fl. and they came back with all sorts of interesting new contacts:) It's so exciting to see our mighty God move, and direct the Patriarch of our family down the paths He wishes our family to go down!

Mumsie, we girls and the little boys have been tackling the house over the past few days. Organizing, rearranging and cleaning... I think people usually call it "Spring cleaning" but I'm not sure what you call it when you're doing it in February, lol.

The weather was just lovely today! Upper sixties, and the sun was shining so beautifully.
The Lord is good!

We're looking forward to the Father/Daughter Retreat at the end of March. Hope to see you girls there! We're also looking forward to having a third sister in the house again, when Madara comes:) Whoo hoo, and just imagine...Six little boys!!! We are soo excited! The adoption process continues, in the Lord's perfect timing, though it may seem slow to us at times. Isn't this fun?!

The other day I spotted the household ham sitting on the couch, just as thrilled as he could be, holding his rapidly growing nephew, so we snapped a bunch of pictures of them. They were so cute! What a joy.

But alas, six AM is quickly coming, so I'm going to traips off to bed.

Grace and Peace,


Anna and Miriam said...

We've been doing "spring cleaning" here as well! =) Spring comes early down south!

Little Brett is such a darling!

How many children are you all adopting? Did I read six boys?? =)

SmithFamily said...

Well, actually it's four boys and a girl which will bring our tally up to six little boys! Seven boys total counting Alan, and 4 girls counting Kressy:) Quite charming. We are soo excited!


Amy Sita said...

Then y'all will finally have us beat! LOL :O)

Anna Naomi said...

Wow! It must be wonderful to be getting 5 new siblings! I hope all goes well.

FitzClan said...

Is the flu communicable via the Internet? 'Cause just about the whole FitzClan is infected.

Glad you're all better, though! It sure is a long-lived flu!