Thursday, December 04, 2008


Well, we've been tagged twice now, first by the Mortons and then by the Antonions. I'm going to do the Morton's 7 Random facts first. Since the Mortons already did the "3 Kids married into one family" fact, I'll have to think of something else. :)

O.k. Here goes :)

1- Our family of 6, plus a dog lived on a small boat for almost a year. It is by the grace of GOD we did not sink, blow up when our engine was on fire, get hit by the hurricane Olga, or get lost. Or, and this was Kressy's and mines greatest fears, get eaten by sharks :)

2- Daddy was Valedictorian when he graduated from High School and Mommy was Home Coming queen!!

3-Daddy's side of the family used to own part of Signal Mountain in TN, and during the War between the States they charged a toll to pass over!

4-If you haven't already heard (Darthy;) our however so many great Grandparents were {EDIT} Big Jake Troxell & Beloved Woman/War Woman Cornblossom, (both mortally wounded at the massacre of Ywahoo Falls, KY) the cousin of Sequoyah. She has a special marker off the high way in Kentucky that marks where she is buried. Grandaddy Jake has a memorial marker at the entrance to Ywahoo Falls -- placed there (I believe) by the US Army in recognition of his service during the 1st American war for Independence.

5-Between all my immediate family members we've travelled to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Peru, Romania, Latvia, Holland, Aruba, Martinique, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, Kazakhstan and Germany.

6-More than half of our children are adopted, with there being 4 biological and 7 adopted!!

7-We have owned at least 10 cameras in the last 7 years, and our dishwasher usually has to be fixed every year around Thanksgiving or New Years! It's a holiday "Tradition" :)

Well, that's all folks!

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I guess I'll have to do the Antonions another day!
Thanks Mom and Kress for y'alls ideas

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OurLilFullFam said...

Neat. I knew about the boat from the old schoolhouse and the adoptions from watching your daddy's show on sky angel and seeing your mama talk about the first adoption and the process of the second. Those other things are pretty neat!

About the shark, we recently had a great white wash up here (in SC) on shore and they aren't supposed to be close! Will make me very nervous going anywhere near the beach next summer!

Kat said...

That is some interesting info! I always knew there was something strange about your family! Mabye that is why we get along so well!

Strange Kat

Anonymous said...

Bethy! LOL! Well, y'all haven't had to have the dishwasher fixed yet right?
Love ya,
Brittany L.

Alan Smith said...

Regarding the marker for Jacob Troxell (formerly Trachsel), I know he has a marker at the entrance to Ywahoo Falls, and I know the Army put up a marker for him -- I don't know if those two facts regard the same marker, or if there are two different markers. If the latter, then I don't know where the US Army's marker is.